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Deft Devolve v0.1

Goal, process, struggles, insights, conclusions.

What is Deft Devolve?

A project for me to share my thoughts while forcing myself to make them concise enough that others with similar interests may want to further the conversation.


I wanted to create a site and write for a long time but suffer from wanting to learn and perfect everything which stopped me from releasing anything.

I started 2018 with the goal to launch a site and write 12 articles.

I want to grow as a person and entrepreneur and believe I have some mental roadblocks that prevent me from achieving all that I can.

This is an attempt to get to the core of those obstacles.


Determine what will have the biggest impact for readers while being the simplest and easiest thing for me to create and deliver.


Force myself to keep the site simple but leave room for me to expand with the most important features as needed.

I succeeded, then failed, then succeeded?

v0.1 includes 7 of the 8 features I wanted to have but felt the 8th feature wasn’t necessary as I started it working on the site.


Challenge myself to get the core of what I am trying to get others to see.

Share and challenge my thoughts

I hope to either find like-minded people who can relate in some way or find people who challenge my perspective.

Comfort Zone

“There is no better way to learn than to do” or something similar… That is how I learn and it comes from getting outside my comfort zone which is difficult at times.


Deft Devolve is a project to help me overcome some mental obstacles and connect with people at the core of mutually interesting topics.

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