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Blasting off slowly: entrepreneur destination unknown

What company or product do you want to build and who are the people you want to build it with?

How we reach our goals is as important as why we want to achieve them and with who we accomplish them with.


Create something others will find valuable.

Learn at each level of success or failure for every project I am apart of. The only way to grow is to challenge yourself.

“The path is the goal.” – Mahatma Gandhi

To be the best person and entrepreneur I can be. Building a billion-dollar company isn’t worth it if I can’t respect myself or enjoy life.

It is a lifetime of pushing comfort zones and it is clear that working with other passionate people is the best way to grow.


Like anyone else, I have a few true strengths and many weaknesses. The goal isn’t to turn my weaknesses into strengths, it is to maximize each other’s strengths. Doing the former is a frustrating and rarely rewarding experience, the ladder is so rewarding it feels like cheating. Easy to say, hard to do.

1 Person’s efforts + 1 Person’s efforts = 2x results. There is no doubt a better analogy for this.

Getting stuck on things by trying to do it by myself is a weakness. Working with people who are gifted in something, sharing ideas, combining strengths, accomplishing a shared vision is an amazing feeling. I want more of it!

Start something

Tiny somethings > big nothings.

I would rather start a tiny project with a person who is as fired up than someone who likes the idea but doesn’t want to see it through. I’ve started many projects with people who had good intentions but fizzled out shortly after starting.

Finding other people with the same passion for entrepreneurship and life isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. The drive needs to be there to actually put the effort in required to create something valuable.

Ideally, find something that we can’t find a solution to fit our shared needs. If that doesn’t work, can we find a community of people to adopt and make their problems our own?

What to build?

Too many ideas.

New company or product ideas are abundant, many fail to take action. We can’t create every idea that comes to us so we have to be decidedly scrupulous in what we pursue.

There isn’t a vertical or type of business that doesn’t have opportunities to create something valuable. The key is to solve a problem for ourselves or a group we care about.

Pasion for the idea needs to drive the project. It’s the only way to succeed in something meaningful.

Even if unsuccessful, the experience and knowledge will lead to opportunities worth being passionate about.

Next step: Following curiosity

Successful people follow their interests and efforts, not their passions.

“Don’t follow your passion, follow your effort.” – Mark Cuban

I have met some truly life changing people by putting myself out there and going to meetups for various interest. I go to meetups with the mindset that 1 person could change everything. It might take 10 years for that life-changing moment to happen, which is fine with me.

Doing the same online with places like Reddit or other communities is difficult for me. This article and website Deft Devolve v0.1 is an attempt to do a better job of that.

I know it will happen in time, it doesn’t always feel like it though. Until then, I will follow my interests/efforts and trust it will cross my path with others doing the same.

Question for you

Wherever you’re at in your entrepreneurial path, what do you wish you knew?

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Deft Devolve v0.1

Goal, process, struggles, insights, conclusions.

What is Deft Devolve?

A project for me to share my thoughts while forcing myself to make them concise enough that others with similar interests may want to further the conversation.


I wanted to create a site and write for a long time but suffer from wanting to learn and perfect everything which stopped me from releasing anything.

I started 2018 with the goal to launch a site and write 12 articles.

I want to grow as a person and entrepreneur and believe I have some mental roadblocks that prevent me from achieving all that I can.

This is an attempt to get to the core of those obstacles.


Determine what will have the biggest impact for readers while being the simplest and easiest thing for me to create and deliver.


Force myself to keep the site simple but leave room for me to expand with the most important features as needed.

I succeeded, then failed, then succeeded?

v0.1 includes 7 of the 8 features I wanted to have but felt the 8th feature wasn’t necessary as I started it working on the site.


Challenge myself to get the core of what I am trying to get others to see.

Share and challenge my thoughts

I hope to either find like-minded people who can relate in some way or find people who challenge my perspective.

Comfort Zone

“There is no better way to learn than to do” or something similar… That is how I learn and it comes from getting outside my comfort zone which is difficult at times.


Deft Devolve is a project to help me overcome some mental obstacles and connect with people at the core of mutually interesting topics.